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Are you tired of waiting days for your carpet to dry after a professional carpet cleaning? Are you worried about mold and mildew growth in your wet carpet. This is a real risk, which is why you should call on us, Reliant Dry Carpet Cleaning the next time you need your carpet cleaned. We use an oxygen powered dry carpet cleaning system that gets your carpet dry in a matter of minutes. In addition, our cleaner uses no dangerous solvents, harsh detergents or petrochemicals. This means that it is healthy for your family and pets and that it leaves no soil attracting residue. Your carpet will be super clean and it will stay that way for a long time. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 972-330-5856 or you can schedule a cleaning online.

Why Reliant Dry Carpet Cleaning?

  • Affordable Pricing
    We have reasonable prices that include everything needed for a cleaning with no surprises. Our price includes vacuuming, pre treatment, spot cleaning, extraction with 100% cotton bonnets and basic furniture moving. Check the specials page for our current coupons. 
  • Cleaner Carpet
    Our system uses just the right amount of moisture and agitation. Our machine separates the fibers to get deep into your carpet to remove the most soil.
  • Drier Carpet
    Since we use a controlled amount of moisture instead of soaking your carpet, it dries fast. Most carpets will dry in just minutes so that you can get back to using your carpet and your home.
  • Safer Carpet
    Our cleaner is powered by natural oxygen to safely clean your carpet without the use of dangerous cleaners. There is no obnoxious odor and your floor is left baby safe.
  • Clean Cut Technicians
    No T-shirts and flip flops. You will not be nervous about us being in your Wylie home.
  • Reputation For Quality
    We are only as good as our reputation and we know it. That is why we strive to deliver a quality cleaning each and every time.
  • Easy Scheduling
    We offer convenient online scheduling. You can see actual available appointment times and book a cleaning any time of day.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

bonnet2Curious about our process? Here is some more information about our unique cleaning process and what is included.

  1. Vacuuming
    We start by thoroughly vacuuming your carpet with a commercial quality vacuum cleaner. This removes the dry soil that would other wise turn into sticky mud.
  2. Basic Furniture Moving
    We move basic furniture such as end tables and chairs. Want other furniture moved? Discuss it with your cleaning tech, we can normally accommodate you. All furniture will be replaced after cleaning with plastic or foam protectors underneath.
  3. Pre-Treatment
    We now apply a pre-treatment that uses natural oxygen to safely loosen and power away soil.
  4. Extraction
    Once the pre-treatment has been given sufficient time to dwell, we extract it with soft and fluffy 100% cotton bonnets. Our cotton bonnets are more expensive than the synthetic ones used by other dry cleaning companies but they remove more soil and trap it better.
  5. Spot Cleaning
    Any spots that do not come out with the basic cleaner are spot cleaned.
  6. Carpet Grooming
    Now, we groom the carpet with a carpet groomer to leave it standing up in one direction and to allow it to dry even faster.
  7. Drying Fans
    After we complete a room, we use a special drying fan that pulls dry air from the top of your room. This allows us to take our dry time down to minutes, in most cases.

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